Ministries within the Ministry: Communications

After receiving our most recent Mission Appeal, a longtime supporter commented, “I’ve noticed a huge improvement in your literature over the last few years. Has My Brother’s Keeper hired an outside fundraising consultant?”

The answer is an emphatic ‘NO’… good stewardship is far too important to us… but what a tremendous compliment!

To help us with our printed and digital communications, My Brother’s Keeper relies on talented, generous community members who help us tell our story better than ever before.

Since 2008 Denis Concannon, owner of ICON Advertising & Design in Hingham, has worked with our staff to tackle many key projects. Most notably, he’s redesigned our website, launched our Facebook page, created our Family Walk logo and graphics, and designed all our special appeals such as the annual Mission Appeal and our Planned Giving brochure.

High-quality photographs are the foundation of good graphic design. Since 2009, J. Kiely from Lightchaser Photography in Dedham has attended all My Brother’s Keeper events to create a library of images. And for the last decade, Maureen Richards of Prospect Hill Company in Brockton has designed this newsletter which receives so much praise from our readers. Prospect Hill, owned by former Development Board member Tim McMullen, handles final printing of all our projects.

Very importantly, each of these businesses deeply discounts their work— charging My Brother’s Keeper as close to cost as possible—so the greatest number of families in need can be served.

“My Brother’s Keeper touches so many lives in such a unique way,” said Erich Miller, president of My Brother’s Keeper. “We are blessed to have a team of generous, outstanding professionals who help us convey the vibrancy of our ministry and inspire others to be a part of our work.”