How We're Funded

100% Privately Funded

My Brother’s Keeper is 100% privately funded. Because we are a Christian community serving in Christ’s name, we do not accept any local, state, or federal funding. And unlike many charities, no donated items are ever sold. The best we have goes directly to those we serve.

Instead, we put our faith in God and rely wholly on the generosity of those who value our work: individuals, families, businesses, churches and foundations.

In 1988, our co-founders Jim and Terry Orcutt began serving families from the cellar of their home. Their friends and family collected soda cans for the 5-cent returnable deposit, the first fundraising effort for My Brother’s Keeper.

Today, we are blessed with thousands of supporters, two modern facilities in Easton and Dartmouth, 15 employees, a fleet of 10 vehicles, and 4,000 student, business, and individual volunteers each year (pre-COVID-19).

Our annual budget is approximately $5,100,000, which represents a combination of financial donations and in-kind donations (gifts of goods and services).

God is good and He provides through people! Please consider joining our work by making your own donation.

FY 2019 Donations

47% 53%
Monetary Donations


In-Kind Donations



Total Support


Source of Financial Donations

Represents 4,980 gifts ranging from $1 to $100,000
18% 29% 53%

Individuals & Families 53%

Foundations 29%

Businesses & Organizations 18%

In-Kind Donations

27% 5% 36% 32%







Christmas Gifts






Total In-Kind