A Return to Normalcy

Every night over a thousand homeless families in Massachusetts are forced to call a hotel room home. With poor conditions, crowded quarters, and no kitchen, this is a serious hardship for these families.

Especially if you are a cook.

Anna and her two sons had to share a single hotel room for thirteen long months. As a student in culinary school, Anna developed an aversion to microwaving food. In the hotel, a microwave was all she had.

Only two weeks removed from that ordeal, Anna was already able to joke about it. “My friends loved it,” she laughed. “Whenever I came over to visit, I would just start cooking!”

Among the furniture we brought to the family were a kitchen table and chairs, pots and pans, dishes, and most importantly, a refrigerator. “You have no idea how expensive it is to not have a fridge and have to go to the store each day,” she explained.

Without question, during this delivery My Brother’s Keeper brought more than just furniture to Anna and her children. Finally able to return to the kitchen, this marked a return to normalcy for Anna.