COVID-19 Emergency Response

In response to COVID-19, My Brother's Keeper has temporarily suspended our Furniture Assistance Program. No pickups or deliveries until further notice. To do the most good for our neighbors in need, we are currently making 350+ emergency food deliveries per week to residents of Brockton, Easton, Fall River, New Bedford, Dartmouth, and Westport.


My Brother’s Keeper makes 4,200 food deliveries each year in Brockton and Easton.

We are the only local charity that delivers food assistance and emergency groceries as a core program, very important to the elderly and those without transportation.

Individuals and families in need call My Brother’s Keeper between 10AM–12PM and receive a substantial, healthy food delivery between 3–5 pm the same day.

Our deliveries consist of non-perishable canned goods, a wonderful variety of fresh fruits and vegetables plus milk, juice, eggs, butter, meat, cheese, and bread. The average retail value of each food delivery is $150 but our cost per food delivery is only $12 thanks to significant in-kind donations. No cost is ever passed along to those we serve.

My Brother’s Keeper donates surplus fruit and vegetables each week to several other local charities including Friends of the Unborn and Father Bill’s & Mainspring.